October 4th, 2008

Today was my birthday and what a day it was!

Wendy came to spend the morning at the Botanic Garden with Hans and me. We had breakfast there (though not as good as last time… what happened to the rosemary potatoes?) and we looked at the bulb show and sale. I got some bulbs and it was quite fun. We walked around and looked at the farmer’s market area and some other things. Then, of course, we went to Il Forno for lunch. Even though it was my birthday, I still took joy in going to Hans’ favorite thin crust pizza place. It makes me happy when he is happy. =)

When we got back home, Wendy graciously went with me to Home Depot to buy some soil (since we ran out) and she even helped me plant the bulbs! I am sooo grateful that she helped or they may have gone to waste. As we were finishing up, more friends started to arrive for the grilling dinner. Hans made all the food and all of it was good and yummy! Thank you, Hansie! We just hung out for the rest of the evening and it was good to see some faces that I don’t get to see so often. Thanks all for being such great friends!

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