disease-filled home

January 28th, 2013

Last week, Matthias contracted hand, foot, mouth from day care. It was a miserable week for him as he loves eating, yet the sores in his mouth made it very difficult for him to eat without pain. I was desperate for him to eat and ended up making an avocado, banana milk shake. He liked it, but it still hurt for him to swallow. So for almost a week, he barely ate anything except for cold, drinkable food items. He also had horrible sleep since he didn’t even want to swallow his own spit, so he kept waking up from a wet, slobber-filled bed.

Just as Matt’s getting better (he’s eating again last night and today!), Hans caught the hand, foot, mouth from Matt, and I got vertigo yesterday. The last time I got vertigo was in 2006. That was a long time ago. Today, the doc couldn’t do much for me except tell me that time will help it as well as the Antivert (meclizine) that I got yesterday. I hope it gets better soon as I don’t feel safe driving in this condition.

On the bright side, some baby updates… Matthias now tries to say his own name “TAI-ah”. So cute. He also has shown interest in other kids around his age (and even adults at times) and readily goes up to them to say “Hi!” while waving. It’s so cute and hilarious. What a friendly little boy.

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